CharterNet VCFO provides your business with a full-service finance function.  A Virtual CFO works with your business on a part-time basis and provides budgeting, management reporting, high-level strategic advice and corporate advisory services.

The services are flexible and can be tailored to suit any client or budget to include:

  • Budgeting, cash flow management and forecasting;
  • Periodic advice and commentary to management and the Board of Directors;
  • Costs review and re-engineering, including renegotiation of supplier contracts;
  • Provide advice & support on business critical projects and deals;
  • Identification of additional revenue streams and new markets;
  • Manage tax and compliance obligations delivered in conjunction with your tax and accounting team;
  • Streamline and manage relationships with banks, human resources, financial planning, leasing, insurance, legal consultants and other advisers.

As a result of employing CharterNet VCFO, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Improved sales, profitability and competitive advantage;
  • Boost performance & strategic direction;
  • Peace of mind on financial affairs;
  • Facilitate and manage growth; and
  • Maintain a healthy cash flow.

CharterNet VCFO provides fast growing and entrepreneurial and SME’s businesses and foreign subsidiaries with the benefits of having a professional, experienced CFO on the team, whilst limiting the cost and commitment of additional personnel.  This allows you to focus on growing your business and knowing that the accounting and finance function is being managed effectively.

CharterNet provides you with access to a number of highly talented and experienced CFOs who each have a substantial commercial background and have worked with various sized businesses across a wide range of industries and in a multitude of countries. Our CFOs are extensively experienced and have all worked in the SME and/or large corporate space and are passionate about delivering a superior level of service. Our CFOs will work as part of your team and take ownership of your finance function as well as provide high level strategic guidance to you.