Our Research & Development Tax Incentive services are generally performed on a success-basis, which means no cost to you if the claim is not approved. Our success fee arrangements can also include audit defence in the event of any AusIndustry or ATO audit activity. This gives you peace of mind even after a successful claim.


Define eligibility, identify potential R&D Projects and train staff on the R&D Tax Incentive


Preparation of recommended supporting documentation, including R&D Project Plans. This is by way of our unique interview-based ‘Reverse Audit Methodology’.


Calculation of eligible R&D Expenditure on a Project by Project basis


Preparation of the Application for Registration of R&D Activities for lodgement with AusIndustry, and if approved, the R&D Schedule for lodgement with the Australian Taxation Office


Liaison with AusIndustry and/or the Australian Taxation Office in the event of any review or audit

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